miércoles, julio 04, 2012


Este es el site de la empresa del nuevo juego de las leyendas Rick Presley, Alessio Cavatore y Andy Chambers, Fanticide juego al que seguiremos muy de cerca.

The Liberi

The Fae

The Kingdom of Odd

The Creeps

Welcome to the Alien Dungeon website! This site will serve as our home base to show you all the fantastic miniatures, terrain, scenarios, hobby tips, and more that we are producing for Alien Dungeon. We have begun a massive undertaking to bring you the very best in science fiction, fantasy, and adventure gaming products on the market.

Our first game, Fanticide, is launching this summer.  You can read all about it on its page.  We also have a new line of science-fiction and fantasy themed terrain called Frightmares, with our first releases available now. Be sure to check back often as we will be constantly updating the site with news and content all the time!

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