domingo, junio 24, 2012


Acaban de publicar la "ultima" meta del Kickstarter en 28*9.999. Todo el dinero extra que se coja se usara para adelantar otras cosas que se han quedado en el tintero o acelerar el proceso de prdoducción

Well we hadn’t anticipated that – another stretch goal passed!

We cannot thank you all enough.

Abyssal Golems are in and a unit of 3 is now being included in all pledges of $175 and up. The Abyssal Golems are also now featured in the Buy One Get One Free!

With 12 hours of this epic journey left to go, we’ve got one last stretch goal remaining...

$289,999 - Ogre Hero

We will produce the Ogre Hero that has been the face of our project in plastic.

This is our final stretch goal, and one that brings us full circle to when we started with nothing but a simple plan and 3 sketches. Seems like an age ago!

The Ogre Hero means you can now build a complete Mantic Ogre army

Everyone who has pledged $100 or more will get a sprueless plastic Ogre hero included.

Everyone who has pledged $500 or more will get a modified limited Kickstarter edition version produced in high quality resin. You'll be in exclusive company with one of these.

This has been such an immense experience. We think $300,000 is achievable but we wanted to be sure that there was going to be a final reward in there to say thank you, and we think the Ogre hero is a fitting way to finish.

If we do break this goal, anything extra that is pledged will go towards the development of these kits and there are still a number we haven’t listed in this project, including Celestian Paladin Cavalry and the Goblin Mincer, that can be worked on as a result. It's also been suggested that we use anything extra to speed up the time we take producing all of the new stuff so you don't have to wait as long!

Thank you all once again – this last 12 hours promises to be very exciting and we can't wait to see where we finish. Please keep leaving us your comments and spreading the word.

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