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Pues los paladines conseguidos y ahora vamos a por los golems abisales a los 275.000.

Project Update #35: Paladins are in!

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Just amazing – we’re stunned.
26 hours to go and another stretch goal broken – a major milestone achieved.
That means the Celestians now have a fourth unit to keep them company in the new expansion – human Paladins! It also means you’ll be getting one model free at $100 or more and a unit of 5 free at $175 or more!
And here’s a new piece of concept art Bob emailed us this morning:

Let us know what you think in the comments!
Furthermore, everyone who has pledged over $50 gets a digital copy of The Bloodstone of Cerillion – Mantic’s first novel written by Jonathan Peace.
The Celestian Human Paladins are also now in the Buy One Get One Free section on the main page, alongside the Celestian Battle Sisters and the Celestian Men-at-Arms!
Now, how about something evil…
$275,000 – Abyssal Golems
We will produce a unit of Abyssal Golems, fulfilling the role of the Lesser Golem in the forthcoming Army of the Abyss included in the Kings of War Expansion and the Lesser Obsidian Golem in the Abyssal Dwarf army list.
We’ve had a couple of different pieces of concept art done just to explore the different directions we can go in. Comments below please - and remember, nothing is final!

If we break this stretch goal we’ll include a unit of 3 models in pledges of $175 or more and the unit will also be included in the Buy One Get One Free section!
This has just been an amazing experience, thank you so much for supporting us. And we've still one day to go and we can't wait to see where we end up!

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