domingo, junio 24, 2012


Quedando menos de 100 minutos ponen un nuevo limite, ¿será posible recaudar algo menos de 17 mil dolares en ese tiempo?

This is beyond bonkers!

The Goblin Mincer is now in and you can now add one to your swag in the Buy One Get One Free!

Do you think we've got time for one more?

Let's do it!

$350,000 - Celestian Cat Cavalry

We will produce a unit of Celestian Big Cat Cavalry.

This monstrous cavalry unit will consist of three models, and ties in nicely with the Big Cat mounted Celestian Hero one of our Living Legends will be creating (and of course, if you've pledged over $225, you'll be getting).

If we break this stretch goal we’ll include a unit of 3 plastic models in all pledges of $225 or more and the unit will also be included in the Buy One Get One Free section!

This is going to be the final on surely. Well, we'll find out soon enough - just under 2 hours left!

Thanks again!

3 comentarios:

  1. Dios, ángeles sobre felinos????

    Julio lo va a flipar xD

    1. yo lo flipo todo con mantic :P

    2. Si, ya hay chistes por ahi de Thundercats hooo, aunque lo que dice Julio es ceirto recordará mas a He-Man y Battlecat jeje.


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