viernes, junio 15, 2012


Mantic Games ha superado el limite que le permitria desarollar las gargolas / harpias. Es increíble lo rápido que va aumentado y aún quedan nueve días.

No han pasado muchas horas desde que comente que Mantic Games se acercaba al limite de 100.000 dolares y como veis ya los ha alcanzado. Para esta ocasión han puesto una nueva meta 110.000 $, y no me extraña que lo alcancen fácilmente sabiendo de antemano y habiendo presentado esta tarde los Berseker Brock Cavalary. Los bocetos son curiosos y creo que esto va a ser cosa de pocos días.

Aquí os dejo el comunicado oficial:

We’ve broken $100,000 – there are no words… wow!

This is a milestone achievement – 547 backers and over $100,000 pledged towards bringing fantastically detailed, affordable miniature kits into the world – we’re now committed to producing an Undead Vampiress, Undead Werewolves, Ogres, Ogre Shooters, Trolls, Orc Gore Chariot, Fight Wagon, Mummies, and Gargoyles and even more cool goodies like the Lithoprint map and the Kings and Legends Supplement… simply amazing.

We couldn’t have done this without you guys  and thank you so much to everyone who has participated and got involved in pledging and spreading the word – and thank you to our anonymous donor too who has pushed us through two of our stretch goals… simply outstanding, totally amazing!
All of the new models went out to concepting, briefing and sculpting yesterday and have been handed over to the brilliant art direction of Mike McVey. We look forwards to seeing the concepts and we’ll keep you all updated on progress as it happens!

We will now include one Gargoyle model free in all pledges of $100 or more. At $175 or more we will include a unit of five plastic models into your reward for free!
You can also get a unit of 10 Gargoyles for $25 in our Special Extras section. These are included in our buy one get one offer, so you'll actually get 20 models!

Not only that but we have now included the Undead Skeleton Dog Handler in all pledges of $100 or more – a true Kickstarter exclusive!

Thank you to everyone who has made this what it is – we are absolutely blown away by the support we’ve received and we salute each and everyone of you who has helped spread the Mantic word.
We’ve promised a goodie unit next and we’ve posted up several pieces of concept art for this unit over the last couple of days which has sparked plenty of debate. Whilst we keep reviewing the concept art, why don’t you all take a look at the next stretch goal:
£110,000 – Dwarf Berserker Brock Cavalry

We'll produce Dwarf Berserker Brock Cavalry if we pass through $110,000.

We will include one model free in all pledges of $100 or more. At $175 or more we will include a unit of five plastic models into your reward for free!

We will also make them available in the special extras section.

Thank you all for your immense support – mind-blowing!! There is now only one Eternal Warrior reward left so if you want to snap it up and lead your army into battle from the tabletop (that's right, you're own sculpt leading your army!) don't hang about!

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