domingo, junio 24, 2012


Estamos en la recta final a solo 7 horas, Mantic anucnia que  ya no habrá más metas.


That’s the Ogre Hero in and there’s still 7 hours to go!

Everyone who has pledged $100 or more will get a sprueless plastic Ogre hero included whilst everyone who has made a single pledge of $500 or more will get a modified limited Kickstarter edition version produced in high quality resin. You'll be in exclusive company with one of these.

The Ogre Hero signs off an immense list of Kickstarter items. Thanks to Scarletsquig, here’s a list of just what you get on pledges of $100 or more…

- Your name printed in the KoW rulebook.
- Any rulebooks in your order get signed by both Alessio and Ronnie.
- Litho print of the map of Mantica, signed by Ronnie.
- Electronic copy of the Kings of War hardback rulebook.
- Electronic copy of the Kings and Legends supplement.
- Electronic copy of the Bloodstone of Cerillion novel by Jonathan Peace
- Any dice in your order get upgraded to limited edition "mantic splat" dice.
- Any wound counters in your order get upgraded to kickstarter-exclusive blue acrylic.
- Free Orc Chariot/ Fight Wagon model.
- Free Troll Miniature.
- Free Mummy Miniature.
- Free Gargoyle Miniature.
- Free Dwarf Berserker Cavalry Miniature.
- Free Elven Palace Guard Miniature.
- Free Celestian Paladin Angel Miniature.
- Free Celestian Sister Miniature.
- Free Celestian Man-at-Arms Miniature.
- Free Celestian Human Paladins Miniatures
- Free Plastic Ogre Hero
- Free Kickstarter-exclusive Undead Skeleton with dog Miniature.
- Free ticket to the Mantic Party in Nottingham this September, or Entry to participation game with Ronnie at Gencon in the US.

Thanks to Stewart Gibbs, surveys will be sent around later in the week for you to pick and choose what rewards and optional extras you’d like to add to your pledge.

You’ve got an extensive list to choose from, including:

Celebratory 1000 backer items - including the Kickstarter T-Shirt, Kings of War Art Book and Undead Vampiress.

Buy One Get One Free – including the Celestians and all of the new units.
Add more miniatures – Army Sets, One Player Sets and Elite Army Sets lets you increase the number of miniatures for your army
Add Accessories – From Wound Counters and Dice to the Battle Foam Carry Case.

To add an Special Extra, just add the appropriate amount to your pledge by clicking the green "Manage my Pledge" button. We'll send out a survey after the Kickstarter is complete where you can tell us what you'd like!

We started this Kickstarter to accelerate the development of our miniatures kits and range. Our five year release schedule has now been screwed up, thrown in the bin and started afresh as we can do items now that we never thought possible. It has been a miraculous journey, and we hope you’ve enjoyed being a part of it.

The Ogre Hero is last stretch goal and pushes our concept artists and sculptors into over time – any more and they might reach breaking point! Please make the most of this fantastic deal before it ends and we’ll see you at the finish line.

Please don’t forget that you can come and see us at the Mantic Party in Nottingham on the 29th September or Gencon in August, and if you can’t make those we’ll be holding a web chat (Time and date TBC) as well. If you want to know more about the new Kings of War, then check out episode 2 of our podcast. Finally, to stay up to date with all things Mantic, then sign up to our newsletter!Right then, let’s see where we finish up! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

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