lunes, junio 25, 2012


¿Día de puertas abiertas en Mantic? Si señor.

Mantic celebrará el proximo día 22 de Septiembre un día de puertas abiertas, con demos de sus juegos, celebridades del mundillo y alguna que otra sorpresa. Los que hayan participado con el kickstarter con más de 100$ podrán ir sin problemas. Los demás que quieran asistir podrán comprar una entrada para el evento.

Los detalles aqui:

We’re holding a celebratory Open Day at the Mantic Bunker on the 29th September – and you’re invited!

Our Open Days are a chance to get close to the action as we and our Pathfinders open up the Mantic Bunker for all to visit. We’ll have demoes of all of our games including the new Kings of War as well as a number of celebrity guests we’ve yet to announce.

Also returning is our secret room full of stuff from the future and the incredibly popular seminar with Ronnie!

We’ll have plenty of art from the likes of Roberto and Jonas on show, our top display miniatures from Golem Painting Studio on display (including the Corporation Commandos!) AND we’ll be showing off our new g… what? Oh yeah, we’re not allowed to talk about that yet… Well whatever it is, you don’t want to miss it!
You can now pick up a single ticket or a group ticket on our website. Remember that everyone who pledged $100 or more gets a ticket to our Open Day – please indicate on the survey that you will be attending!

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