domingo, junio 24, 2012


From Ronnie - So there we are, one of the most exciting months in the life of Mantic Games! An incredible kickstarter, with thanks due to so many people, especially all our fantastic concept artists, all the people who pledged, and all who shared or promoted the whole event. We will get some new updates out tomorrow, a video out this week and get the survey ready to get the whole machine rolling.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has made this so spectacular and so exciting.

We think that sums it up pretty nicely - what an incredible experience, an amazing journey!

We'll have more information, more updates and more from Ronnie and co over the coming week to keep you up to date with what's going on and when the surveys are going out. We'll try and get everything out in good time but we need to make sure the survey is right so please bear with us.

Once again thank you for your support, your comments and for all of your kind words. What a truly epic time this has been and the coming year promises to be.



Ronnie, Chris and the Mantic Team.

2 comentarios:

  1. En mi opinión el mérito es tanto del aficionado como de la empresa.

    Grandes iniciativas que complacen al aficionado y que claramente son un éxito

    1. La iniciativa ha sido brutal, y estoy casi seguro que cuando se recuperen del trabajo que les queda harán lo mismo para Warpath. Ahora solo queda esperar. jeje.


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