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Nuevo juego de Alessio cavatore  y Rick priestley.Esta vez ambientado en la guerra moderna.

First Contact – the Bolt Action rulebook!

Anticipation and excitement are growing fast for the release of our new Bolt Action rules later this year. Produced in conjunction with Osprey Publishing they are proving very popular with the playtest groups and clubs putting on games at various events around the world.
Here is a first look at the new rulebook cover as well as mention of a special miniature…
As you can see, ace artist Peter Dennis has once again weaved his magic with this great battle scene depicting the forces of the Third Reich taking on Uncle Sam’s boys.  You’ll find plenty more of Peter’s amazing artwork inside the rulebook.
As with other rulebooks we’ve published here at Warlord Games, we’ll be producing a special miniature – this will be the German soldat in zeltbahn spraying hot lead from his MP40 as you can see of the cover! Anyone placing an order for the rulebook through Warlord Games will receive this miniature free of charge! We’ll let you know about the pre-order options a little nearer the time of release along with images of the special miniature too.
The inner pages are, as you expect from a publication produced by ourselves and Osprey, lavish. As you can see from the spreads here we’ve spent a lot of time and effort bringing great photography to really set the scene.
We’ll be bringing you plenty more details of the rulebook and other plans for the game in the not-too-distant future so make sure you keep up to date by subscribing to our weekly email newsletter.

Ademas nuevos vehiculos.

New Bolt Action Morris C9/B (Bofors)!

Last week we released the early/mid war version of the ubiquitous Bofors AA gun. Now we’re making this classic weapon more mobile as we mount it on the Morris C9/B tractor. This combination saw widespread use in the armies of His Masty’s British Commonwealth.
The most numerous self-propelled anti-aircraft gun in the employ of the British and Commonwealth forces, this was the hybrid of the ubiquitous 40mm Bofors gun and an elongated variant of the Morris C8 tractor.
Designed as a mobile anti-aircraft platform to support transport and armoured columns initially, the Morris C9/B would protect more than this initial group of formations from harassment by enemy aircraft.. Every light anti-aircraft regiment would have a battery of 6 self-propelled AA guns attached. This effective self-propelled AA gun was also used to attack ground targets over open sights.
The Morris C9/B would see action in Italy, Burma and in north west Europe.
The new resin and metal kit comes complete with five crew – spotter, loader, two gunners and a driver (not shown). The miniatures have our Figure Head system so can easily be replaced with Sikh, Highlander, etc heads to give you more specific troops.
As we mentioned at the top of the page we recently released the Bofors on a Mk I carriage – bring on the Luftwaffe now!

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