viernes, junio 29, 2012


Para desearnos un buen fin de semana Mantic Games ha actualizado la página del kickstarter.
Para desearnos un buen fin de semana Mantic ha publicado una entrada con un mini relato y un boceto corespondiente a una de las miniaturas que saldrán gracias a la estupenda recaudación del kickstarter. Además recuerdan que los que hayamos participados tenemos hasta el 8 de Julio para enviarles el questionario de vuelta para empezar a  incluir nuestros nombres en los libros y programar los envíos.

Se harán dos envios, uno con todo el material disponible hasta la fecha y un segundo el año que viene cuando esten todas las nuevas miniaturas.

Os dejo con el texto:

Yreth slowed his breathing, felt the tension of the string, and shifted his aim to compensate for the subtle change in the wind. He sighted down the shaft, seeing the path it would take in his mind's eye. He felt the right moment, and loosed.

The arrow whispered between the swaying branches of the Old Elm. It skimmed the leaves of the Thornbriar and Father Birch. It swept between the two crossed branches of the Verdant Twins and into the clearing. It found its resting-place in the gap between the helm and breastplate of the white-bearded dwarf.

For the first time since the creature had made the mistake of entering the glade, it stopped roaring orders at its underlings and fell silent.

Before the missile had even hit its target, Yreth had vanished back into the forest canopy. By the time the war-party realised their King was stumbling to the floor with an arrow in his throat, he was halfway back to his kinhold.

We thought this little story marked the start of the weekend rather nicely!

We'll be bringing you full updates next week with progress and details on shipping as we eagerly await to receive your surveys back - remember you've got until the 8th July if you want your name in the rulebook! Then we can start adding the names and getting the book ready for download.

If you've any questions on the Kickstarter survey or payment related questions please contact us through the messages on Kickstarter.

Right then, we can't have a story without a picture, and here's a sketch Bob Naismith has done of Celestial Sisters:

Have a great weekend!

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