jueves, junio 14, 2012

6TA LIBRE EL 23/06/12?

Hola a todos, los rumores van y vienen pero este está muy interesante!!! Esperemos sea verdad!!!

La fuente es la de siempre: Faeit 212!!!

A while back we were looking a 6th edition release date of July 7th, and that seemed to be very consistent through the world of rumors. Then suddenly we had Games Workshop release a video with nothing more than a big date on it. It was pretty obvious that the date was for the release of 6th edition, but what was the date for?

It was assumed, and seemingly correct that this would be the big announcement date, along with being the first day of pre-orders. However there are some that contend that this is the actual release date for 6th. The picture above is quite convincing, What you do you think?

via Ieuan from Sons of Isis
23 VI 12 is release date! Well it's got to be right, you wouldn't get one of these (shown on my local stores Facebook page, GW Oxford) just for a pre order date!

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