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Project Update #27: Angels are in - now get down with the Sisters!

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The first kit to support the new Kings of War expansion – the Celestian Angel Paladins – is in!
That means that everyone who has pledged $100 or more gets 1 free figure, and everyone who has pledged $175 or more gets a unit of 3 monstrous figures!
A printed copy of the book is now available in the special extras for $15 and the Angel Paladins are now in the Buy One Get One Free!
Guys, thanks you so much.
This clearly isn’t going to stop just yet so let’s keep riding this juggernaut and see where we get to!
Fighting alongside the Angels and Paladins of the Celestians are units of Battle Nuns (Name TBC). We had some quick rough sketches done (a first pass for look and feel of the models) to support the next stretch goal – check them out!
Celestian Sister Concept 1 - by Bob Naismith
Sister in Heavy Armour Concept - by Bob Naismith
$200,000 - Celestian Battle Nuns
We will produce a unit of Celestian “Battle Nuns” to support the new expansion.
To celebrate this amazing milestone, if we break this stretch goal we will include 1 Battle Nun model in all pledges of $100 or more, or a unit of 5 models in pledges of $175 or more!
They will also be available in our Buy One Get One free section on the main page!
Thank you for supporting Mantic and please help us keep spreading the good word!

Brutal el concepto.Cada vez me gusta mas mantic!

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  1. I bet the battle nuns are going to be hot. It's a real shame about that vow of celibacy.

    1. iron maidens fight for celestial glory ! jejeje.now the kickstarter mark is $176,599...i think the limit of 200.000 its posible tomorrow jejeje


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